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Memories and Dreams

The memory is hazy. Perhaps because I was young then. Perhaps because it never really happened. Whatever the reason, I still remember the look in his eyes. I ran down the long hall, the large Phillips screwdriver clutched tightly in my seven-year-old fist. Back and forth between the two bedrooms at the end of the …

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“Our Picket-Fence World”

House with picket fence

We met in high school And married young No clue about life Or what love really is We worked dead-end jobs To put food in our mouths While both of us dreamed Of a picket-fence world We went back to school Earned college degrees In crappy apartments Our lives really began I worked two jobs …

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“Windows to the Soul” Now Multi-Platform

My 2011 book of poetry, Windows to the Soul is now available on multiple platforms! Windows to the Soul is “A collection of original poetry, composed by K. Bradley Washburn between 1996 and 2006. The seventy-five poems in this volume are actually part of a larger unpublished work titled “Tapestry,” and consist of love poetry, …

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