“Our Picket-Fence World”

House with picket fence

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

We met in high school
And married young
No clue about life
Or what love really is
We worked dead-end jobs
To put food in our mouths
While both of us dreamed
Of a picket-fence world

We went back to school
Earned college degrees
In crappy apartments
Our lives really began
I worked two jobs
You stayed home with the kids
And we dreamed of living
In a picket-fence world

The kids were in school
We bought our first home
With a white picket fence
I had a good job
With money to spare
We were living and dreaming
In our picket-fence world

The kids went to college
Many miles from home
We just had each other
And the years spent together
I retired from work
You retired from life
My dreams started chipping
On our picket-fence world

Now I’m almost finished
With life’s education
The days wind to nothing
And the hours grow few
When I finish my chores
I’ll join you in Heaven
And we’ll dream together
In our picket-fence world

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