The experts suggest that to run a successful blog an author needs to find his or her niche. I’ve discovered over the years that the problem with niche blogging is I like a lot of things. I quickly become bored if I focus exclusively on one topic. I tend to blog fairly regularly for about six months, then my interest wanes and I want to move on to something else.

Thus was born Operation: Brain Leak.

As the title suggests, Operation: Brain Leak is a little place in cyberspace where I write about any topic that leaks from my brain. This is not a personal blog, i.e. I will not be writing about how cute my kids are or what we ate for dinner last night, unless it happens to relate to a topic that I think would be of interest to general readers. Articles will attempt to be both relevant and interesting, but they will also be on a variety of subjects. If this means I am “unsuccessful” then so be it.

As mentioned above, I do have some experience with blogging. Not wishing all of those posts to go to waste, I have repurposed many of my previous articles along with adding new content. I apologize if this causes boredom in any of my readers.

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