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Wolf in the Fold – Print & Play Edition

Last week, I revamped Wolf in the Fold into a print & play version. The PnP edition has the exact same graphics as the original game, but reduces the number of tiles from 77 down to 70. Of course, this being a PnP game, players can print off as many tiles as they wish and …

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New Game in the Works

Over the last couple of weeks, I have dedicated some of my free time to working on a new card game, Nova Regula. Based on several classic card games, Nova Regula is designed to be easy to learn for even the most casual gamer. Nova Regula utilizes a custom deck of 54 playing cards, 20 …

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Post-Move Activity

We have now been in our new house for two months and we are starting to get settled in. I have begun writing a new novel, unfortunately laying aside my other novel plans at the moment. I have also finished the LearnKey website redesign and written three posts for the LearnKey blog in that time. …

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Recent History

Many of you have probably wondered if I am dead. While it may seem so in some online circles, I am not dead. I have just been very busy. In February, I accepted a new position at work, and in the last few months I have been busy fixing up my house to sell and …

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Building a Raised Bed

Raised Bed - Finished

I have always wanted to have a nice little strawberry patch, so last summer I decided to build a raised bed for planting strawberries. Between the stairs to my garage and the stairs to my back door sat a patch of dirt, about 18 feet long and 3 1/2 feet wide. When I first saw …

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