Short Story Review: “The Sea and Little Fishes”

“The Sea and Little Fishes”
Discworld series
By Terry Pratchett
Collected in Legends
Edited by Robert Silverberg

The magical trials are coming up, and Granny Weatherwax is the clear favorite to win, as she does every year. When a group of prominent witches band together to convince her not to compete, Granny decides to play nice – literally. Her kindness sets the locals on edge, but is it all a trick to get back into the competition?

“The Sea and Little Fishes” is a well-written story, and to fans of Discworld it is likely a nice addition to the mythos. As someone who has never read Terry Pratchett before, I didn’t really connect with the characters and the whole series seems a little satirical for my tastes. I would recommend this story to anyone who enjoys Terry Pratchett, but as someone who probably takes his Fantasy a little too seriously I will likely not read any more Discworld.

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