Short Story Review: “Runner of Pern”

“Runner of Pern”
Pern series
By Anne McCaffrey
Collected in Legends
Edited by Robert Silverberg

“Runner of Pern” follows a young girl named Tenna as she runs in the steps of her ancestors as a courier on the planet Pern. While running a message from one settlement to another, she is accidently forced off the track and into a poisonous sticklebush.

Despite the accident, Tenna reaches her destination in good time. She spends several days recovering from her wounds; meanwhile, the local girls at the runners’ station help her plot revenge on the boy who caused her accident.

I first became acquainted with Pern a few years ago, but I was unable to make it through the second book in the series. I found the books boring and virtually unreadable. That said, I really enjoyed this story, and I am considering giving the series another shot.

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