Book Review: To Green Angel Tower, Part 1

To Green Angel Tower, Part 1
Memory, Sorrow and Thorn, Book 3
By Tad Williams

Josua and the people at Sesuad’ra prepare for battle as the forces of High King Elias march toward the Stone of Farewell. Simon is knighted by Josua, giving the encampment of refugees reason to celebrate before the bloody battle.

Meanwhile, Miriamele has grown to despise Earl Aspitis and his affections. He announces his plans to marry her when they reach the shore, and confesses that he has known her true identity all along. She contemplates killing both Aspitis and herself, but the Niskie, Gan Itai, convinces her to wait.

In Jao é-Tinukai’i, the murder of Amerasu by Norn agents has unified the Sithi houses. For the first time in centuries, they leave their forest stronghold en masse, marching for Hernystir and battle with the Rimmersman invaders.

The hardback version of To Green Angel Tower was so large that the paperback version had to be split into two separate books. Part 1 begins where The Stone of Farewell left off, and begins weaving an even more intricate plot. Williams manages to follow the adventures of multiple characters without confusion, while still maintaining the overall storyline. I would highly recommend this book to fans of the fantasy genre.

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