Book Review: The High King

The High King
The Chronicles of Prydain, Book 5
By Lloyd Alexander

In the conclusion to the Chronicles, all Prydain is at war. Arawn, Lord of Annuvin, has attacked Prince Gwydion and stolen the magical sword Dyrnwyn. Gwydion rides to recover the sword, but the companions soon learn the threat is greater than they ever imagined. Arawn is gathering his forces and means to attack Caer Dathyl, seat of High King Math.

Faced with lies and betrayal, Taran and his friends fight a losing battle to protect the fortress of the Sons of Don. When the high king falls to Arawn’s deathless Cauldron-Born, Lord Gwydion brings the battle to the Lord of Death’s doorstep in a desperate attempt to rid Prydain of his evil.

The High King is filled with excitement, adventure, and enough battle and glory to satisfy the heart of any assistant pig-keeper. Many things are finally revealed, including the secrets surrounding Taran’s parents and his ultimate destiny. This book is a must-read for fans of Prydain and I would recommend it to all fans of fantasy literature.

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