Book Review: The Castle of Llyr

The Castle of Llyr
The Chronicles of Prydain, Book 3
By Lloyd Alexander

Princess Eilonwy is sent to the Isle of Mona to learn to be a lady, and Taran and Gurgi accompany her on the voyage. Shortly after their arrival, Taran is warned that Eilonwy’s life is in danger. Failing to protect her from being kidnapped, Taran and Gurgi, joined by Fflweddur Fflam and the clumsy prince of Mona, set out on a quest to rescue the princess.

The Isle of Mona holds several wonders for the companions, including an oversized mountain cat, a whiny giant in an underground cave, and the ruins of Caer Colur, the ancestral home of Eilonwy’s family. Taran’s feelings for Eilonwy are brought to the surface by the prospect of her marriage to the Prince of Mona, and his true maturity is revealed in his actions toward the prince.

The Castle of Llyr is an excellent addition to The Chronicles of Prydain. Like the previous novels in the series, it can be read alone, but is much richer when read with a greater understanding of the characters. I would recommend The Castle of Llyr to all fans of fantasy and the writings of Lloyd Alexander.

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