Book Review: The Sea Fairies

The Sea Fairies
By L. Frank Baum

When Cap’n Bill loses his leg, he goes to live with the family of his first mate. He soon grows attached to the first mate’s daughter, Trot, and the two spend many happy hours together near the sea. One day, Trot asks Cap’n Bill to tell him about mermaids. He tells her everything he knows, but his knowledge is based on rumors and he is unable to answer Trot’s questions.

The next morning, Trot and Cap’n Bill take a boat out to a nearby cave. They meet a couple of mermaids, who invite them to visit their home under the sea to clear up some of the incorrect information given to Trot by Cap’n Bill.

Written by the creator and primary author of the famous Oz book series, The Sea Fairies is a children’s novel. The plot is fairly simple, but the writing is interesting enough to keep a reader’s attention. Trot is a little annoying at times, but all in all The Sea Fairies is a decent children’s book. I would recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in children’s fantasy novels, especially if they are fans of L. Frank Baum.

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