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As those who know me well can attest, I love Science Fiction, especially Star Trek and Star Wars. I have spent more hours than I should probably admit building my own timeline of events in the Star Trek universe, and other science fiction universes. The first version of my chronology was a text file called History of the Future: A Timeline of the Multiverse, and combined events from several science fiction franchises, including Arthur C. Clarke’s Odyssey series, Babylon 5, the original Battlestar Galactica, seaQuest, Star Trek, Star Wars, StarCraft, Stargate, & several stand-alone sci-fi movies, into one large timeline.

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Babylon 5 Chronology

This Babylon 5/Crusade chronology is drawn from several sources, most notably my own viewing and reading. I have endeavored to include all official Babylon 5 movies, episodes, novels, short stories, and comics. Media types are differentiated from each other in the timeline using the following: Movies – Titles are bold and italicized “Episodes” – Titles …

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DC Live-Action Chronologies

Over the years, DC has had several live-action adaptations, none of which take place in the same continuity as each other. Starting with Man of Steel, DC has began creating a unified cinematic universe, but the television adaptations still remain in their own separate universes.

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Marvel Cinematic Universe Chronology

This chronology is an attempt to provide a viewing order for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It includes movies, episodes, and Marvel One-Shots, but does not include any tie-in novels or comics. With a few exceptions, most notably the Agent Carter series and Netflix series, everything is mostly presented in order of release date starting with …

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Masters of the Universe Chronology

This Masters of the Universe chronology includes all official animated and live-action appearances of He-Man, She-Ra, and related characters. While the 2002-2004 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe was actually a reboot of the franchise, I have placed it in the timeline as more of a prequel series and will treat it as such …

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Ranger’s Apprentice / Brotherband Chronology

This page is a chronology of the universe of John Flanagan’s Ranger’s Apprentice and Brotherband series of novels. Currently, I have only broken things down into the reading order for the novels and short stories, but as I have more time I plan to go back through each book and break them out into specific …

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Star Trek Chronology

While there are many published chronologies for Star Trek out there, I have never been fully satisfied with them. The following viewing order of on-screen material is my preferred ordering of events based on internal references from both on-screen and written material. There are probably mistakes, which I will try to correct when I come …

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Star Wars Canon Chronology

This timeline follows only those movies, episodes, books, and comics which Disney considers official canon. It does not include the canon video games or The Clone Wars story reels, nor does it include any of the “Star Wars Legends” (Expanded Universe) material which was formerly considered canon. In the future, I plan to publish a …

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Stargate Chronology

The Stargate timeline is particularly difficult. Several episodes have concrete dates, many episodes take place a certain number of months or years after other episodes, and many episodes take place over a set number of weeks or months. All of this added together makes things difficult because airdates rarely follow any of the episodes’ internal …

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